Load Rewards is a Mobile Application powered by our Instant Gratification Platform that rewards users with instant Prepaid Load from Smart, Globe, Sun, TNT or TM subscribers.

Currently only available in the Philippines.

Now available on Google Play. Soon on iOS.

#1 Trending app on Google Play for multiple times

Consistent high ranking on Top Free apps on Google Play under Lifestyle

Honest to goodness testimonials

Engaged community with over 11k ratings and reviews on Google Play



  • Below 18 Years Old 29% 29%
  • 18 to 24 Years Old 44% 44%
  • 25 to 34 Years Old 23% 23%
  • 35 Year Old and Above 5% 5%




Globe Subscribers


Smart Subscribers


TM Subscribers


TNT Subscribers


Sun Subscribers

We have users in every city in the Philippines.


Over 300 thousand registered users and still growing!


Our 24/7 Roleta game has been played over 50 Million times.


Over 130 thousand Load Rewards Winners as of September, 2019.


Average daily user time spent on the Load Rewards app is 15 minutes.


Over 8 Million minutes total time spent on the app and we’re still on beta.

Branded Games

Loadiks (Load Rewards addicts) spend the most time in the app playing our Roleta and we can put your brand right in the middle of all the action.

All graphics in the games are customizable to deliver a truly fun branded experience.

Sponsored Videos

Videos are a great way to engage our users. They love watching sponsored videos because every completed video (not partial) will add a bar to the Load Meter which gets them closer to unlocking more Load Rewards.

Instant Mobile Surveys

Last time we ran a survey, we received over 500 unique respondents in less than 2 hours. That survey gave us valuable insights to the mobile behavior of our users. It helped us make our UX better for our loyal app users. Mga Loadik.

If you want a copy of the results from that survey, just send us a message.


Instant Consumer Insights

If you’re in a rush and looking for an inexpensive way to generate consumer insights then you’ll love how fast our users respond to Sponsored Surveys.

Depending on your target market, we can probably get you the insights you need in just 2-3 days.


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